Psychological Evaluation

Ascend Family Institute offers psychological testing for adolescents (13+) and adults. Psychological evaluation varies depending on your needs and the questions to be answered by the evaluation. Psychological testing can provide insight into your mental health, your unique cognitive and personal strengths, and your growth areas. Testing can also provide diagnostic clarification and treatment recommendations for use in a variety of settings (i.e., academic, psychotherapy, parenting, and community safety).

How it works

After scheduling your appointment, paperwork will be sent for you to complete based on your reasons for seeking testing. The initial session will consist of a clinical interview where we will discuss areas related to your present concerns and reasons for the psychological evaluation. The number of testing sessions depend on the nature of the evaluation and the questions to be addressed. Generally, one to two, three-hour sessions are sufficient. The final session will be to discuss your testing results and review recommendations. You will receive a written report detailing this information.


Psychosexual Evaluation

A psychosexual evaluation (PSE or risk evaluation) assesses a person’s family relationships, mental health, empathy, sexual history, accountability for one’s sexual behaviors, motivations for sexual offense(s), arousal patterns, cognitive functioning, attitudes toward sex and desire to make meaningful changes, to aid in determining one’s risk to sexually offend in the future. Psychosexual evaluations are often required or recommended by the court, child protection, or treatment providers. It is important to note that a psychosexual evaluation serves to clarify risk level, treatment needs, and treatment setting. It does not prove guilt or innocence nor does getting an evaluation mean someone is a “sex offender.”

How it works

After scheduling the initial appointment, paperwork will be sent to you to complete as well as an estimate of costs. Insurance companies often do not cover the cost of psychosexual evaluations. As such, these  evaluations are private pay only. The initial session will consist of a clinical interview where background information as well as details related to the sexual offense will be obtained. Interviews could also be conducted with family members, therapists, and others deemed relevant to your situation. All pertinent legal documents will be obtained and reviewed. Subsequent sessions will consist of taking a series of psychological assessment measures, questionnaires, and risk assessment measures.


Most evaluations cost between $2,500 and $4,000 depending on complexity. Insurance plans cannot be billed for these evaluations. A deposit for the estimated cost of the entire evaluation is due prior to the evaluation starting. Any balance due will be collected prior to the release of results or the issuing of a final report. Any money left in the deposit at the end of the evaluation process will be returned to the client.