Deb Link headshot for business bio.
Deb Link MA LMFT

Owner/Therapist/ADR Professional


Blue Cross Blue Shield, HealthPartners, Medica, United HealthCare, United Behavioral Health, PreferredOne, UCare, Cigna, and straight MA (Medicaid)

  • Approved Supervisor, Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy
  • Approved Supervisor, Minnesota Board of Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)


Professional Memberships:
  • American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)
  • Minnesota Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (MAMFT)
  • Association for Family and Conciliation (AFCC)
About Deb:

Deb Link is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist specializing in complex family systems. She works with families involving resist/refuse dynamics, mental illness, abuse allegations, and domestic violence. In addition to her clinical work, Deb is a custody evaluator, coach, parenting coordinator, and mediator trained in forensic interviewing strategies and child-inclusive mediation. Her work has focused on survivors of domestic violence for several years, using a course she created to support survivors who are sharing custody with their perpetrators. Deb also enjoys working with individuals working through the faith deconstruction process.

Alternative Dispute Resolution:
  • Smoke Screen or Fire: Sexual Abuse Allegation in Family Court: Part 1
  • Strategies to Address Dynamics in High-Conflict Cases
  • AFCC 2014 Annual Conference: Opening a Dialogue Revisiting "A Guide to Making Child-Focused Parenting Time Decisions" and Best Practices with Limited Resources
  • Family Early Case Management and Early Neutral Evaluation Training (Social SENE and Financial FENE Training)
  • AAML 2012 Divorce Camp: Shame Blame and the New Money Game: The Transformed Practice of Law in the Changed Economy
  • Building Bridges: Better Dispute Resolution through Research-Based Practices
  • Processes and Presumptions: Practical Skills to Resolve Parenting Disputes
  • The Collaborative Experience: Collaborative Practice Training for New Collaborative Professionals Family Law Mediation Training (with Karen Irvin)
  • What to do with Families When Children Resist Parenting Time with Samantha Colai MA LMFT (1 hour; 2016)
  • Working with Highly Conflicted Families: Therapist Roles, Challenges and Ethics—with Matthew Meyers MA LMFT and Joe Noble MA LMFT (1.5 hours; 2016)
  • Family Law 101 for Therapists—with Kyle Wermerskirchen, Esq (Prairie Care; 2013)
  • 20 Things Therapists Should Know About Family Law—with Kyle Wermerskirchen, Esq (Maple Grove Community Center; 2012)
  • Supporting Families Through Divorce: Legal and Therapeutic Considerations—with Kemi Rampi, Esq (2011)
  • Advanced Institute on Evaluation Intimate Partner Violence: Implementing the AFCC Guidelines (6 hours; 2017)
  • Reunification Therapy: An Integrative Approach (1.5 hours; 2017)
  • The Cost and Conflict of Building Containment Strategies to Protect Children (1.5 hours; 2017)
  • The Language of Children in Mediation of Family Law Disputes (1.5 hours; 2017)
  • Court-Mandated Small Group Classes for High Conflict Parents (1.5 hours; 2017)
  • What a Licensed Mental Health Professional Needs to Know about Divorce and Coparenting in MN (1.5 hours; 2016)
  • Intractable Issues in Child Custody Cases with Mindy Mitnick (12 hours; 2016)
  • “You Can’t Make Me!!!” Reunification Therapy: The Oxymoron in Family Court? Exploring Alienation, Estrangement, and Reunification (6 hours; 2016
  • Reunification Techniques in High-Conflict Divorce and Family Abduction (1.5 hours; 2016)
  • Tearing Your Hair Out: Exploring New Interventions in High Conflict (1.5 hours; 2016)
  • Therapeutic Reunification in Alleged Abuse Cases (1.5 hours; 2016)
  • Unsubstantiated Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse: An Integrated Approach (1.5 hours; 2016)
  • Increasing Parental Capacity to Hear the Child’s Voice: Five Strategies for Dispute Resolution Practitioners (1.5 hours; 2016)
  • Coercive Control: Assessment, Treatment, and Custody Matters (1.5 hours; 2016)
  • Court-Involved Therapy for Young Children: When, What, and How? (2.5 hours; 2016)
  • Divorce Camp 2017 (High Stakes: A Deck Stacked with ACEs)
  • Parenting Consulting Training with Karen Irvin and Andrea Niemi (21 hours; 2017)
  • Playing Within the Rules: Evidence for Non-Lawyers (1.5 hours; 2017)
  • An Attachment-Based Model of Parenting Alienation: Diagnosis and Treatment (1.5 hours; 2017)
  • Resolving Conflict and Expanding Access to Justice Through Online Dispute Resolution (1 hour; 2017)
  • Assessing Attachment for Family Court Decision Making (1.5 hours; 2017
  • Advanced Institute on Evaluation Intimate Partner Violence: Implementing the AFCC Guidelines (6 hours; 2017)
  • Custody Evaluation Training with Karen Irvin and Jennifer Joseph (45 hours; 2017)
  • Overnights for Young Children: Parenting Plans that Grow with the Child with Marsha Kline-Pruett (3 hours; 2017)
  • Intimate Partner Violence and Child Custody Evaluation: The AFCC Guidelines (1 hour; 2016)
  • Consultation Group with Dr. Benjamin Garber (2 hours; 2016)
  • Before Too Much Damage is Done: Early Intervention with Parent-Child Contact Problems (7 hours; 2016)
  • Risk and Resilience of Children Caught in the Process (2.5 hours; 2015)
  • Best Interests, Taxes, and Support: The Family Law CLE You Need Before August 1 (2.75 hours; 2015)
  • Family Law Mediation Training, Karen Irvin (40 hours; 2009)
  • The Whole Brain Approach for Clinicians with Tina Payne-Bryson (6 hours; 2017)
  • Enneagram Conference
  • Navigating Our Way in Early Childhood Mental Health (2 hours; 2016)
  • The Role of Language: Brain-Based Thought Construction (1.5 hours; 2016)
  • How the Brain Forms New Habits: Why Willpower Is Not Enough (6 hours; 2011)
  • Breath Work for Mental Health (1.5 hours; 2008)
  • Occupational Therapy (1.5 hours; 2008)
  • Meth (1.5 hours; 2007)


  • MFT700 Supervision in MFT
  • Clinical Supervision in Addictions and Mental Health Counseling
  • Approved Supervisor Refresher Course


  • Ethics Panel – How and Why do WE “Do” Ethics in Marriage and Family Therapy (1.5 hours; 2016)
  • Ethics in Action: Real Life Dilemmas in the Technological Age (6.5 hours; 2012)
Filial Play Therapy
  • Teaching Parents to Help Their Children Heal
  • 2015 EHR Interoperable Mandate: Part 3 – Privacy & Security (1 hour; 2015)
  • Interoperable Mandate: Part 2 – Interoperability Requirements (1 hour; 2015)
  • Interoperable Mandate: Part 1 – EHR Requirements (1 hour; 2015)
  • Digital Confidentiality According to Professional Ethics and HIPAA: A Heart-Centered Approach Level 1
  • Digital Confidentiality According to Professional Ethics and HIPAA: A Heart-Centered Approach Level 2,
  • Ethics in Action: Real Life Dilemmas in the Technological Age, Internet Safety
  • Advanced HIPAA Privacy & Security (2011)
Grant Seeking:
  • Grant Seeking for Beginners (5.5 hours; 2010)
  • DBT Clinical Burnout Running a High Fidelity DBT Team
  • Individual DBT Skill Development
  • Structuring and Describing Your Standard DBT Program
  • Advanced Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Individual Therapy Mode in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • DBT Skills Training for Therapists
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (1.25 hours; 2007)
Marriage Therapy:
  • Relational Life Institute Level 1 Practicum Training
  • Relational Life Institute Level 2 Practicum Training
  • Relational Mindfulness
  • Treating the Impact of Domestic Violence (1.5 hours; 2008)
  • The Whole-Brian Child Approach: Develop Kids’ Minds and Integrate Their Brains for Better Treatment Outcomes (with Tina Payne Bryson)
  • Internet Safety: What Adults Need to Know to Keep Kids Safe from Internet Predators
  • Attachment: A Foundation for Families
  • Working with Trans Youth and Their Families: Challenging Cisgenderism as Therapeutic and Systemic Interventions (1.5 hours; 2016)
  • Before Too Much Damage is Done: Early Intervention with Parent-Child Contact Problems (7 hours; 2016)
  • Teaching Parents to Help Their Children Heal (1.5 hours; 2008)
  • Attention and Behavioral Problems: Addressing the Biopsychosocial Challenges for Individuals and Families (4.5 hours; 2008)
  • The Dramarific Teenager: Definition, Development, and Deterrence (1.5 hours; 2008)
Presentations: Therapy:
  • Suicide Prevention (Oasis Parent Group in Maple Grove, 2014)
  • Boundaries with Teen (Church of the Open Door and Rogers Middle School; 2011)
  • Experiential DBT (Presented at 2010 MAMFT Fall Conference)
  • Relational Spirituality at Transitions (Presented at 2009 MAMFT Fall Conference)
  • Provided 1-3-hour trainings for TreeHouse staff and other non-profits about suicide prevention (2014, 2012, 2009, 2006)
  • Spoke to youth regarding depression and suicide prevention (2009)
  • Was one of two keynote speakers at a women’s retreat focusing on depression, grieving, suffering, and inner healing (2004)
  • An Attachment-Based Model of Parenting Alienation: Diagnosis and Treatmen
Suicide Prevention::
  • Suicide & Self Mutilation: Stopping the Pain (6 hours; 2009)
  • Inside the Suicidal Mind (6.5 hours; 2010)
  • We’re All in This Together: Building Community Partnerships for Youth Suicide Prevention (2.25 hours; 2010)
  • Shades of Blue: Preventing Suicide Among Young People of Color (6.75 hours; 2005)
  • Thru Blue: Moving Kids Beyond Depression (3.5 hours; 2005)
  • Trauma, Attachment, & Neuroscience: Brain, Mind, & Body in the Treatment of Trauma (with Bessel van der Kolk)
  • Attachment Focused Therapy: Trauma Related Disorders in Children & Adolescents (with Daniel Hughs)
  • Internal Family Systems and the Treatment of Trauma (with Richard Schwartz)
  • New Frontiers in Trauma Treatment (with Bessel van der Kolk)
  • Integrated Approach to Women’s Sexuality
  • Attachment and Trauma (1.5 hours; 2008)
  • Trauma, the Body, and Community Relationships (2 hours; 2016)
  • He Ain’t Heavy: He’s My Brother: Understanding Vicarious Trauma (1.5 hours; 2016)
  • Healing Attachment & Trauma through Connections & Relationship (3 hours; 2015)
  • Post-Abortion Symptoms and Treatment (1.5 hours; 2008)