Ascend Family Contact

SENE (Social Early Neutral Evaluation)

Social Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) is a short-term, confidential evaluative process designed to facilitate prompt dispute resolution in Family Court custody and parenting time (visitation) matters. Ascend Family Institute provides the facilitators, and is an agency separate from the court. SENE is for divorcing parents and never-married parents who are involved in a court case because they disagree on custody, visitation/access or parenting plans for their minor children. SENE moves families through the court process as quickly, fairly, and inexpensively as possible. SENE cuts court costs by reducing number of expensive evaluations and reduces hostilities between the parties. Feedback is provided to parties and their attorneys based on case presentations and a limited amount of information gathering. Please call Ascend directly to see if this is a service is something that would be useful.