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Reunification Therapy


This service is a process for parents and children who have not had contact for an extended period of time and need help to re-establish a healthy relationship. Reunification therapy may be court ordered or sought by either parent or grandparent to get support in establishing, or reestablishing, a healthy connection with a child.

When you work with Ascend family Institute for reunification, you will have the opportunity to work with a team of therapists with specialty training and experience to meet the needs of each family. Deb Link, Jennifer Knapp and Josh Rampi all have years of experience with adolescents as well as intense or high conflict couples. During the initial call, we will work with you to determine which team members will best fit your situation.


Ascend Family Institute uses a specific model of reunification therapy which has been found to be most effective with families that have prolonged conflicts and complicated clinical issues, which are common in families seeking reunification therapy. Both parents are required to participate in the reunification. Additionally, this model of reunification therapy requires the collaboration of two therapists; one who meets with the children, and one who meets with the parents. This team approach allows the children to have a place to discuss their family situation with a person who is not also in the role of therapist for either parent. This allows the children's therapist to focus on their needs and feelings without being lobbied by either parent.

Reunification Therapy

The therapist who works with the parents is able to receive information about the children's needs and concerns, and to use this information to help the parents best manage the difficulties that the children are facing. Sometimes, this takes the form of coaching or advising. At other times, parents have feelings or issues of their own that affect the reunification process.


When you call to make your initial appointment, you will be given directions to create a patient portal. You can fill out and submit your intake paperwork through your own secure portal and it will be delivered to your therapist electronically in time for your intake appointment. Though copies of our forms are provided for your convenience, you do not need to print out the forms available on this website as you will be able to sign them electronically when you arrive for your session.

* If your family is involved in high conflict or legal processes, please read our policy below regarding court involvement. Our agreement for services for high-conflict families is also available for viewing.