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Parenting Time Expediting


Parenting time expeditors resolve parenting time disputes that occur after there is already a parenting time order in place or that occur while parenting time disputes are pending in court. Expeditors may be ordered by the court or chosen by either party. The Expeditor attempts to provide a fair resolution that considers the needs of the parents as well as the needs of the children.

The Expeditor may be empowered to enforce, interpret, and clarify existing parenting time orders or to address circumstances not specifically covered by an existing parenting time order. The scope and ability of the Expeditor is either determined by the court or agreed upon by both parties at the beginning of the process. A court may require the use of a PTE without the parents consent.

Parenting Time Expediting

Introductory Sessions & Fees

Parents may have an introductory session with the Expeditor before contracting for services. This session can be done together with both parents present or separately. This introductory session is billed at the regular hourly rate, and allows the parents to meet the Expediter and to ask any questions they may have about the process. The session is also an opportunity for parents to share any background information that they feel is relevant for the Expediter’s understanding of the situation.

If a court order is already in place naming Ascend Family Institute as the Expeditor, Ascend Family Institute still requires an introduction session so each parent has the opportunity to share whatever information they feel is relevant to Ascend Family Institute's understanding of the issues. Parents MUST meet with Ascend Family Institute PRIOR to presenting any issues for resolution.

Once the parents and Expeditor agree to work together, the process begins with the signing of the Parenting Expeditor Fee Agreement. The parties make an initial deposit, which will cover the first 10 hours of work together (excluding office visits, which are paid at the time of the appointment). The initial deposit, the signed contract, and a copy of the Court Order appointing a Parenting Expeditor must be received prior to scheduling or holding any additional appointments.