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Parenting Coaching


We offer parent coaching sessions to address areas in which parents feel stuck and brainstorm possible solutions to implement at home. The primary goal of a "Coach" is to help clients do a better job with each other, with their children, grandchildren or other family members. A Parenting Coach works with families and individuals to address concerns surrounding divorce, separation and family transitions. A Parenting Coach works to empower parents to make healthy decisions regarding parenting and discipline. The Parenting Coach also provides support and guidance to parents and individuals as they adapt and adjust to various family transitions and developmental stages.

Sessions Can Include:

  • The "how-to's" of single parenting, co-parenting or grand-parenting
  • Issues such as transfers, child management skills, communication, and home-to-home coordination
  • Helping family members in relationships with other people in the child's life such as the child's other parent, the other parent's significant other, or service providers (therapists, attorneys, teachers, Guardian ad Litem, etc.)
  • How and when to introduce a new significant other or spouse and new step-family members, and how to work successfully with them
  • Helping family members work with "the system" (school staffs, custody evaluators, other psychologists, etc.)
  • Working with the client to "adjust attitudes," i.e. develop strategies to manage frustration, anger, and resentments, and be more empathic with the child's growth, development, feelings, needs and experiences

Consultation, Contract & Confidentiality

When Ascend Family Institute is being considered as a Coach, we begin with an initial consultation of one hour. That meeting is administrative in nature and serves to explain the coaching process, schedule appointments, identify possible collateral resources, familiarize with background information, describe the child(ren) involved, review agreements and court orders currently in place, and clarify any existing or anticipated issues. The initial consultation fee is billed at an hourly rate.

Following the initial consultation, the contract must be signed and the deposit must be paid prior to scheduling or holding any additional appointments. The deposit is used for the administrative work associated with serving as a Coach (excluding office visits, which are paid at the time of the appointment). The deposit is also used for coaching appointments that take place over the phone, in person, or via email.

Generally, there is limited confidentiality of information in the coaching process. That is, Ascends files may be subpoenaed, and may be called to testify in legal proceedings. However, individuals and/or co-parents may stipulate that the process will be confidential, that Jennifer will not be called as a witness, and the client file will remain confidential. Jennifer does not contact collateral resources or share information from the coaching process with collateral resources without written releases from the client. These consultations are charged at the regular hourly rate and deducted from the deposit.

Parent Coaching


When you call to make your initial appointment, you will be given directions to create a patient portal. You can fill out and submit your intake paperwork through your own secure portal and it will be delivered to your therapist electronically in time for your intake appointment. Though copies of our forms are provided for your convenience, you do not need to print out the forms available on this website as you will be able to sign them electronically when you arrive for your session.