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When you call to make your initial appointment, you will be given directions to create a patient portal. You can fill out and submit your intake paperwork through your own secure portal and it will be delivered to your therapist electronically in time for your intake appointment. Though copies of our forms are provided for your convenience, you do not need to print out the forms available on this website as you will be able to sign them electronically when you arrive for your session.

* If your family is involved in high conflict or legal processes, please read our policy below regarding court involvement. Our agreement for services for high-conflict families is also available for viewing.


Each adult and each child involved in reunification needs a completed intake form. The adult forms are completed separately by each individual.

The child intake can be completed by the parent that has current physical custody of the child. The parent without physical custody may complete the child intake if they so choose. Adults also need to complete a patient health questionnaire.

Parenting Consulting

Parenting Coaching

Divorce Mediation

For Review

Additional forms to review, Ascend Family Institute's Privacy Practices and Client Bill of Rights. For client review, not necessary to print and sign.

Additional Forms

Additional forms, Ascend Family Institute's Release of Information and Credit Card Authorization.