Ascend Family Contact

Our Story


Ascend Family Institute provides individuals, couples, and families an inviting, competent, and ethical environment to grow in times of transition, particularly families impacted by divorce. We provide therapy, groups, classes, and professional services aimed at decreasing stress for our clients and protecting children from harm.


To be known as trusted innovators in the field of counseling, providing competent and ethical services that are both needed in the community and difficult to find.


Ascend's Core Values

At Ascend Family Institute, we pride ourselves on applying 10 core values. We keep these core values in mind every day to assist you to transition, grow, and flourish in your new beginning.

  • Integrity & Ethics - To be guided by what we know is right no matter what the sacrifice
  • Self-Care - To care for our boundaries well so we can care for others well
  • Innovation - To be known for finding a way to do what is difficult
  • Competence - To be highly trained and up-to-date
  • Accountability - To know that what we are doing is working
  • Collaboration - To partner together in a way that each person's strengths are maximized
  • Dialectics - To hold competing truths for ourselves, our colleagues, and our clients
  • Honest Communication - To say what we mean in caring ways to ourselves, each other, and our clients
  • Generosity - To multiply the positive impact of our success by giving back
  • Mentoring - To invest in colleagues and trainees to achieve the mutual benefit of learning from one another